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Top 10 Signs to Know if you are a “Lightworker” and Ready to Help Others

  • You’ve experienced an intense, spiritual awakening. Your ‘old school’ ways of thinking and being are now a distant memory and you were forced to let go of those limiting beliefs. You understand that an awakening can be an exhausting, sometimes painful process, but very necessary for your soul’s growth.
  • You are naturally intuitive, even from childhood. You could sense feelings from people before you could speak. You knew when a change was about to occur. You could see things when you were younger, and dreams have always been easy for you. You’ve learned that there is more than to what meets the eye and you are now able to understand the ins and outs of your intuition then and now. These psychic abilities are used to distinguish what other people are thinking, feeling or need to help them to heal.
  • You have always been different from your family and friends from the day you were born. You always have been a bit of a loner and not really ‘fit in’ with the rest of the kids. Your younger years were set with traumas, challenges and other difficulties. This can include certain mental illnesses. You figured out that they were adaptations to your circumstances, rather than problems. You now understand they were not intended to hurt you, rather awaken into the healer and leader you are now by overcoming them.
  • You are highly spiritual but back away from religion. You recognize your purpose is to help people internalize their own ‘God-like’ power. Despite what may or may not have been taught, you maintain focus on awakening the God within each individual and guide them to see their own unlimited power and potential.
  • You are the image of what people refer to as an ‘old soul’. You are wise and very mature for your young age. You are naturally philosophical and spiritual and often perplex people with how you seem to know so much for your age. You understand it’s because you’ve experienced lifetimes of teaching, healing and helping others, only after you’ve helped heal yourself, in various lifetimes. It makes it easy to see why people certain actions and behaviors. It’s because you’ve seen and experienced it all before. Many ‘old souls’ have no time for stupidity and ignorance because of it.
  • You are an extremely powerful manifestor. When you focus or think about something clearly and easily, you can receive it or create it a very small amount of time. This is can be a blessing or a curse, depending on what you are focusing on, due to the law of attraction. You then feel the urge to help others learn how to manifest for themselves to achieve their goals, ambitions, and dreams as well.
  • A main objective in this life is self-growth. You will be focused on how to better yourself every day. You are constantly coming into deeper self-awareness about yourself and your life. Through your ongoing journey of your spiritual awakening and healing, you continue to shine a light on the shadow aspects that most will reject and deny. Your core drive in life is to identify what needs to be fixed and how you can make it better. Only through truly learning about yourself at a soul level, is how you can begin to help others more effectively.
  • You have a very strong connection to nature (sometimes animals) and believe that it is the closest and easiest way to becoming most aligned with the source. You view nature to be a very real, living consciousness and aids you and others to heal quickly by mending the mind, body and soul connection. Nature is a safe place where you can go to relax, heal and allow solutions to come to you easily and effective.
  • You are naturally drawn to ancient spiritual texts about energy, ascension, and the spiritual realm. You resonate more with eastern philosophies rather than western ones. You find that resonance when it hits your truth, and most are found within eastern philosophies. You may get disappointed with the western ways of thinking but understand it’s simply not your own truth.
  • You can sense you are a part of a global effort to raise people’s consciousness and are often referred to as a ‘frontrunner’ in the spiritual community. You have no problem speaking about spirituality with others who are open-minded but still respect people who are not. This is because you’ve learned your lessons earlier so that you can help others through their own.