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Top 10 Helpful Tips to Uncover and Trust your Intuition

When a problem arises, most everyone reacts one of two ways: you pick up the phone/text your friend or family on some advice on the subject, or you listen to your intuition before you decide on what you should do.

Personally, I used to call my mom and anyone who would listen to what I should do with my decisions. The more guidance I received from other people, the better I felt. I didn’t want to disappoint or disrespect them by making the wrong move. But what ended up happening was making everyone else happy and proud of me, when deep down I wasn’t proud of myself and living in a fake life I didn’t want.

After going through a spiritual awakening years ago, I figured out who I was and began to realize that their opinions of me really didn’t matter. It’s how I felt about myself that did. I can only credit this to listening to my own advice and that’s when I began using and trusting my own intuition.

But learning how to trust my intuition wasn’t always easy, but over time I found easy ways to slowly trust and really use it to my advantage.
Learning how to trust your intuition can help you with the little and big choices in your life. It will leave you with a more of a purpose-driven life and filled with so much happiness you’ll be excited to dance like no one is watching (they aren’t, they are glued to their phones).

With the hectic lifestyle you lead and the same old chores, job, and people, how do you even start learning how to trust your intuition? How to do you get out of those boring daily tasks and feel more divinely guided?

The key to trusting your intuition is to listen less to your brain or your ego, and more to your heart or gut instinct. We all have a connection to our Higher Self (soul) and it speaks to us from our intuition. So your intuition is like the GPS for your life!

What really is Intuition?
Our intuition is a natural process that gives us the ability to know something directly without actually knowing it! It’s the way our soul (Higher Self) communicates with us. It can help guide us along our chosen journey to happiness and fulfillment in our lives. It’s that gut feeling, small voice, or sixth sense we all have. When you begin to learn and trust your intuition, your whole life begins to change for the better and you become more authentic with who you really are at a soul level. Even though your intuition is amazing and always serves your highest good, it can be difficult to trust it-especially at first!

Many of us are embarrassed to say that we follow hunches, we mistrust the sometimes-cryptic messages that our instincts send to us. Consequently, we lose the ability to leverage the power of our own instincts, especially when we need them the most! This usually comes because you still feel the need to be accepted by others and don’t want to look foolish. But that’s okay! Everyone feels this way at one point in time.

So if you haven’t used your intuition in a while (or ever), no worries! It never goes away because it’s a natural state. Your intuition is part of your essence, your soul. It cannot ever be separated from you. It’s not some strange woo-woo thing, either. We all have it and it’s time you begin using it to your advantage. It’s never too late to trust it and start listening to it. Below is a list of the top 10 tips to uncover and trust that intuition of yours.

1. Slow Down

We all have a million things to do in a day and there never seems as if there is enough time to get everything completed. Our thoughts get clouded with daily tasks like the kids need haircuts, the dog barfed on the rug, the emails you need to send, the washer broke and your mother keeps calling. But what if you could get things done quicker and easier? By using your intuition, you’ll be working SMARTER and not HARDER.

The first step towards learning how to trust your intuition is to let your brain rest a few seconds and tune into your heart. What do you FEEL like you could be doing instead in order to find a solution to your problems or to make you feel better throughout the day?
Slow down your crazy schedule, even for a few minutes a day to be able to listen to that intuition of yours. You can’t hear it thinking about what all needs to get done. It’s the drive home without a radio, a lunch date with yourself, the quiet space in the morning before you get up or the mini-vacations that are needed to hear and feel your intuition.

So, take note of what FEELS right and true for you instead of what you believe to be reasonable or what you have been told is “right.”

2. Be Present

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been having a fun chat with my gal pal about what she saw hilarious at the supermarket and I allowed my mind to race about all the stuff that I should be doing instead of actually enjoying our conversation. That kind of stupid mind clutter robs us of truly connecting to others and ourselves. Staying in the present moment isn’t easy. You begin living in the moment by practicing ‘checking yourself’ when you are thinking too much about what you should be doing, or focusing too much on the past, or worrying incessantly about the future.

Instead of being distracted about your day, be fully present as you read a bedtime story to your child or cook dinner. This simple (yet hard) task is how you begin to develop your brain on living more in the present moment. Learning how to trust your intuition becomes easier when we live in the present because it allows us to “hear” our intuition easier.

3. Start Small

When you are first learning how to trust your intuition, it can seem like you’ll never figure it out. Is this my intuition? Is this my mind? Ugh! Forget it, I’m just going to ask my mom what I should do!

Don’t have expectations that this will happen overnight because it won’t. it takes time and practice. So, start small. Need to buy a baby gift for that upcoming baby shower? Ask your intuition for some guidance. That’s a small step. Once you begin trusting and noticing how good it feels, your confidence in your intuition will build, and you’ll use it every day in every decision you make!

4. Get out in Nature

Being in the natural world, away from technology and the daily routine can open up the kind of intuition we needed when we lived outdoors and relied upon it to keep us safe from the elements, predators, and other true dangers.

Spend time in nature, taking in the beauty of the Earth. This doesn’t mean taking a walk on the cement in your neighborhood, listening to music. It means to find some dirt, rocks or trees and take time to appreciate the quiet and peace outside the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

Learning about and trusting your intuition is much easier when we allow our minds to quiet and nature is an easy conduit of it. Nature can help us more easily connect with our hearts and instincts. Sit outside with bare feet in the grass, go for a walk in the park, get out and garden, grab a chair and chill by the water, or go sit next to a tree (or better yet, hug it!). It really will help you to connect with your intuition and your soul’s guidance.

5. Meditate

Let’s be real. You know you need to meditate, but you don’t have enough time in the day. Even worse when you’ve actually tried it, you can’t ever get your mind to stop racing. Guess what? That’s normal! You have to learn how to sit still long enough to even get to the point of controlling your thoughts. Sitting there thinking of nothing, really is when you master it. That won’t come overnight, so cut yourself some slack and keep trying.

There are many different ways to learn and try meditation. Heck, I wrote a book on it called Ten to Zen (yes, shameless plug). Start small and work your way up to longer amounts of time. Don’t get hard on yourself either. It’s not something you learn overnight. With practice and lots of patience, you will begin to quiet the mind more often so you can ‘hear’ your Higher Self communicate.

6. Inspiration is Intuition

Have you ever felt really inspired or passionate about something? Like you just HAVE to paint your bedroom blue or feel super excited about signing up for yoga. That’s one way how your intuition speaks to you.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to trust your intuition is to follow your inspired feelings. Do you light up when you begin thinking of writing? Get going! Does the thought of helping rescue animals makes your heart melt? Then volunteer! Dreaming of international travel? Then learn the language!

Remember, our intuition wants to guide us to our Highest Good—that place where we will be happy, and peacefully open to the wonders of life. Follow your curiosity and your inspiration will follow only helping you to strengthen your intuition.

7. Get Creative

One of the most fun ways to learn how to trust your intuition is to be creative! Even if you don’t think you’re creative, I’d bet you can be! Sometimes, our rational minds don’t “do” creativity because it’s seen as inferior to logic and reason. Give it a try! It’s no different than my kids not wanting to eat the greens I put in front of them. They can’t say they don’t like it if they’ve never tried it! So, don’t be afraid to try something new and creative.

Tapping into your creative side is one way of opening up to your soul. Creativity is done on the right side of the brain. That’s the same side as your intuition! When you are being creative, you encourage the non-logical aspect of yourself to open to the things your rational mind can’t even fathom!

You don’t have to be Picasso to be creative, for Pete’s sake. You can write, scrapbook, paint, use a coloring book, design curtains, do a Pinterest project, sew, play music, woodwork – whatever you enjoy! Just try something new and the inspiration will come to you.

8. Raise your Vibes

We are all energetic, spiritual beings that “vibrate” at certain frequencies. When your vibration is high, you feel happy. When people say you need to raise your vibes, it’s a simple way of telling you to do what makes you happy!

Raising your vibration makes it easier to tune into what your intuition is telling you and allow inspired ideas and solutions to come to you. Spend time doing what brings you joy, more often. You know, the things you do when you totally lose track of time. Jam out to the radio, dance in your underwear, give snuggles to the dog or watch a comedy. All of these will help you to easily raise your vibration.

9. No electronics

This is one of the tougher challenges, but will really help you in the long run. Take time out from your cell phone, TV and other electronic devices. Your brain loves a shot of dopamine and electronics is an easy way to give your brain that shot of what it craves. Over time with constant screen time, you become easily overwhelmed, negatively impulsive and unable to focus on simple tasks.

By putting the phone down, it opens up your brain and yourself to your intuition. Be aware of how many times a day you grab your phone. Being bored is a good thing once in a while. Don’t grab your phone to look for something to do. Doing nothing and being bored without your phone is a simple way to increase your intuition easily!

10. Change your Routine

By changing your daily routine, it allows your intuition to rise a bit. For instance, when you are on vacation, you are usually in a strange place with strange people. Your intuition heightens naturally to protect you. It’s a basic human instinct! By simply changing up one thing in your daily routine, it will put you in a place of allowance for your intuition to be used for your highest good.

But doing the same thing day in and day out will keep you in the loop of spinning circles instead of taking inspired action. If you feel you are spinning in circles, it’s a good clue that you are trying to do it all on your own and not letting your intuition/soul guide you.

I went through this recently and when I finally stopped fighting and slowed down and took a mini-vacation, the decision that I needed to make about something became crystal clear. The next day, I took inspired action. It felt like a hundred bricks had been lifted off of me and changed my life for the better!

Your instincts are natural and aren’t used very often if change doesn’t occur. So, take a different way home, go somewhere new for lunch or start your morning routine differently. It will open you up so you can hear your soul speaking to you.

Your intuition is already growing as you read this. It never stops. It’s as natural as breathing. That’s the beauty of this incredible tool.
When we harness and apply intuition, we’re able to make decisions faster and more comfortably. Many times, we make decisions that have more successful outcomes. And over time, our ability to notice and use our intuition increases—and so do the benefits.

Of course, you probably had a gut feeling about that all along…

Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller