Number Meanings

Number Meanings

Just like dreams, numbers have meanings behind them too! Here is a short list of what these numbers mean and some examples as well. Hope you enjoy and please remember to give credit where it is due.

111,1111~When you notice 1’s everywhere it simply means to pay attention to your thoughts! Is your mind-set thinking positively or negatively at that moment in time? Your thoughts, intentions, beliefs and actions have HUGE bearing on your reality. The message is to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires and wants in life.  Why do you think the old adage is ‘Make a wish when you see 11:11?’ Do not put your energy into focusing on what you don’t want and fear based ideas, as you may manifest them into your life as well.

EXAMPLE: If you were driving in the car and all of a sudden thought of an awesome idea about something you could invent and just then you look at your clock and see 11:11. That’s a sign from Spirit* that it’s not only a positive idea, but a productive one to take action on. It’s like a green light from Spirit telling you to go for it!

Also, seeing this number for the first time repeatedly, indicates you are beginning to go through what is called the Spiritual Awakening Process and it’s a good thing! Congratulations! Feel free to check out what I wrote about this process.

222,2222~When you see this number Spirit* is telling you are doing a great job and to keep those positive thoughts, affirmations and wonderful visualizations going! Manifestations are working for your highest good, but have patience as it’s a process. Your ideas will appear to you at just the right time and for good reason, so don’t quit now!  In the meantime, keep thinking about what you want and maintain your balance and peace with all areas in your life.

EXAMPLE: You are sitting at home and you begin to think “I wonder if this is really is the right career path I should be headed in?” Then on the TV, a commercial comes up with a phone number and all the digits are 2222. It is Spirits way to letting you know you are facing the right direction, keep going and soon you begin to see a positive affirmation that you are achieving your goals and dreams, don’t quit!

333,3333~When this number pops up it usually means you may be feeling of perplexed or confused to your life’s purpose, but no worries, God, Ascended Masters (i.e. Jesus, Mother Mary) and Spirit* is here to assist you! It’s a sign letting you know they are close and hear you. They are here to help with your endeavors and your life purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help, they completely understand and they love, protect and guide you throughout life.

EXAMPLE:  You are at the store grabbing some groceries and after a long day at work, the kids acting up and your husband just texted you a crabby message. You then begin to wonder if you are supposed to where you are at in life. Just then the clerk says ‘Your total is $33.33’. Yep, you’re on the right path and Spirit is letting you know you really are blessed.

444,4444~When you begin to notice this number is usually means Angels are here with you! It’s one of the most comforting, caring and comforting signals you can get. It also means to continue down your path and you are becoming more intuitive in nature. You are encouraged to keep going in the right direction, as your determination and skill will lead you to success and fulfillment…all is well. The Angels and Archangels are available for help and guidance, so all you need to do is ask.

EXAMPLE: You are chatting to one of your co-workers, telling them about how you think the world works and about how your intuition is beginning to come to the surface. He rolls his eyes and says ‘Yeah…sure…uh, okay.’ You smile and walk away from the conversation, a bit puzzled, but letting it go. Just then you look at the clock, it is 4:44pm.

555,5555~Seeing this number is Spirits* way of telling you, change is coming soon. Most people don’t like change, because of the disruption to the routine, but all change is a good thing. Many of you love to fight against the current of life, but if you allow change to happen and go with the flow, you’ll end up on the beach, which is where you should have been in the first place! You will never stop learning and expanding, so change has to occur in order for you to grow. Allow it with open arms. Besides trust in Spirit, they know what’s best for you…sometimes better than you know yourself.

EXAMPLE: You just hung up the phone with another disagreement with your boss and had a bummed out day with the co-workers. Later that day, wondering if this really is the career path for you, you take plop on the couch. Your phone begins to ring and you grab it to see who is calling. It’s an unknown number to you, but the number ends in 5555.

666,6666~No need to bring in fear based ideology into this number, this isn’t a bad sign! It just means that you have been thinking too much on money and not your personal spiritual growth and family life. When you see this number, ask Spirit to help stop the worry about money and material things, instead help you to think of more positive thoughts and to help raise your vibration. It may be time to re-evaluate what it is you think you want. Remember, simplicity really is bliss.

EXAMPLE: You just finished chatting with your partner about money and spending habits. Then you begin to worry about how you are going to be able to ever afford anything fun in life, let alone pay the electricity bill because the weather has not been on your side. Feeling bummed, you go outside for a walk in the fresh air. Just then a beautiful, classic car goes driving by. You check out his license plate…ending in 666.

777,7777~Seeing this number is telling you congratulations, you learned a valuable life lesson as a direct result of your positive attitude toward life.  It’s a sign of achievement and it’s an acknowledgment from Spirit* that you are on the right path and serving not only yourself, but others as well. You are being applauded by Spirit as your successes are inspiring, helping and teaching others by example.  It’s a pat on the back from Spirit telling you ‘Job well done!’.

EXAMPLE: At the gas station a familiar face comes to you and begins talking about her life and how miserable it is. You patiently wait for her to finish speaking, give her some advice and as you get ready to leave you give her a hug, wishing her nothing but the best. As you are waiting in line at the check-out you notice something for sale on the counter, the cost, $7.77.

888,8888~This number means that it’s time to wrap up this phase of your life. Time to prepare your life accordingly as possibly a career or relationship will end or go onto the next level. It’s also an indication that you extra money may be coming, in an unexpected way. The potential money coming should be looked as a long term investment, instead of short term pleasure.

EXAMPLE: You and your boyfriend went out to dinner for date night. He mentions something about marriage over dinner with you. Playing it cool, you talk about your ideas and what some of your expectations are. After a great night you settle into bed for a good night’s rest. That night, you keep dreaming of 8888.

999,9999~Seeing this number is a sign that suggests, you have completed a big phase in your life and you have learned a valuable lesson in the process.  It’s time to close the door and move on, you did it! This is a great sign, preparing you to begin a wonderful new life and lifestyle that will see all fall into place for you in most positive ways.

EXAMPLE:  You finally decide on what college to attend. Upon packing all your boxes and things, you ask mom if you can have the DVD player. She agrees and as you go to unplug it you noticed there was a movie left in the player. As you go to push the eject button, you see 999 showing on the DVD player.

000,0000~This number is a message to let you know, you are always one with God. This number is telling you to feel spirit around you and to pay attention to the signs they are giving you. It’s also sign from Spirit* to take the time today to pray and meditate. Also, it could mean that a situation or phase in your life has now gone full circle.
EXAMPLE: You are talking on the phone and putting away the groceries at the same time. Just then out of nowhere you friend is telling you some wonderful advice on how to handle you issues with your family. You drop a can of beans on the floor and it rolls just out of reach under the couch. You get on your hands and knees to grab it and the bar code it facing you, the numbers 000 00000.

*When I mention Spirit in this article, I am referring to all of them including: God, Angels, Sprit Guides, and loved ones.

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