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Intuitive/Psychic Children (aka Rainbow, Crystal, Indigo, Awakened)

I decided to write this article after many people kept asking about their own children experiencing abilities, and what parents can do to help those special kiddos out. I’m not one for labels such as Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo, but out of all of the readings I’ve done, I’ve noticed two different kinds of intuitive kids. There are sensitive (empathic) ones and intuitive (psychic) ones. They share many of the same qualities but are just a bit different.

Many of these traits can be considered for both.  As an intuitive mother of each kind, I’ll do the best I can to describe them. I hope this helps steer parents away from the liquor cabinet and saves them from the grey hair and wrinkles setting in sooner than necessary.

They collect rocks/stones/crystals

Kids will collect rocks based on whether they need them or not. Certain rocks do certain things for our chakras. If they need help adjusting their heart chakra, then they may pick rose quartz. I’ve found most intuitive kiddos like the black rocks. That helps ‘ground’ them down and is great for school. It adjusts the root chakra, which is the one chakra they usually struggle with. Black rocks help to keep their focus on logical things, whereas purple or blue stones will open our third eye chakra or crown chakra, which amplifies their psychic abilities. Yes mom, let them keep the rocks. Just wash them (because they won’t remember to take them out of their pockets) and give them back. Those rocks will certainly make for interesting noises coming from the dryer.

They bond easily with animals and plants

Intuitive kids understand that everything living is connected. It is one in the same. They inherently just know this and will be animal or plant lovers without being taught. You may notice they have an interest in different kinds of creatures, such as mermaids too. Yep, these are the kids that bring home the one-eyed cat, with fleas, missing a tail begging you to keep it….and here comes the vet bill.

They walk on their tippy-toes

An Intuitive kid usually has their head in the clouds and they will even walk that way. You’ll notice if you get them outside to ‘ground them down’, they may not be quite so tippy-toed. As they go through puberty, it usually drops their feet to the ground naturally. In the meantime, just giggle behind their back about it. Nothing needs to be done.

They have ADD, ADHD or Autism

Many kiddos who are highly intuitive are usually ‘diagnosed’ with one of these labels. The reason they are that way is that many times they already know what the teacher is going to say, so why should they sit there and listen to them lecture about it. They get the ‘gist’ of it, get bored and begin fidgeting. They are not into the fine details.  Please note, when we went to school we had many recesses, PE and other activities. These days, kids can’t run because they might get hurt. They can’t go play outside (which helps them to ground down) and even worse they limit the recesses sometimes to just one a day. It’s not enough for them to get out and get enough physical exercise. Take away the electronics and push them outside. It’ helps them tremendously!

Intuitive kids learn differently. Traditional schooling/teaching methods are difficult for them to understand. If taught a different way, they will thrive. You just have to find that certain way. Don’t give up!

Personally, I’m ADHD and my daughter is ADD. I’ve found that controlling the diet is KEY. No sugar in the morning. Instead replace it with high protein, low carb. That way they don’t ‘tap out’ by mid-morning and not remember anything. It’s not that they don’t know it, they cannot remember it! On weekends, well…we’ll have the French toast, with powdered sugar and an extra heap of syrup. Yep, they can stick their face in a sugar bowl and eat it!

Cannot do two commands at a time

This kind of goes along with the whole ADD/ADHD thing. Understand, it’s not that they didn’t hear you (they’re not deaf and they may have ‘selective’ hearing) but they cannot remember more than two things at once. I cannot tell my kid you need to go brush your teeth and get your p.j.’s on for bed. She’ll brush her teeth, then begin dancing and singing in the bathroom (I think for hours if I let her) forgetting what the other thing to do is. They cannot remember because that is a logical thing on the left side of the brain. All intuitive kids are right-brained kiddos. Just allow for extra time for you to get them where you’d like them to go. Ah, yes…so glad they can teach me the lesson of patience, especially when I’m running late for work, after I spilled my coffee because I stepped in cat puke.

Delayed speech patterns

Many intuitive kiddos have delayed speech patterns, and it’s not uncommon for them to wait until they’re 3 or 4 years old to begin speaking. You need to understand they are trying to communicate with you telepathically and speaking is slow and stupid to them. So, try talking to them their way, instead of having them conform to your way. Sign language, songs/sounds, and body language will help with the communication issue. Just because they don’t talk when society says they should, doesn’t mean they are autistic. This issue usually passes when school begins, so no worries mom!

Rebel against authority

Even though your kid is only 3, it seems as if you have to debate or negotiate on not only how to get dressed, but when. These kiddos are the more ‘difficult’ ones and boy they can test your patience. Just know they will really change the world humanitarily when they grow up, but for now, learn how to help them. You cannot command and demand what they should do, as that is exactly what they are here to rebel against.  You instead have to give them choices. By giving them a choice or two, it gives them the power to choose and your sanity back. Also, I’ve learned you cannot begin the sentence with ‘YOU’. Instead, begin the sentence with ‘I’. Words matter, even at the age of 3. No worries mom…they make hair color nowadays to cover the grey hair they’ll give you!

Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep

Many intuitive kids wreak havoc on our own sleeping patterns because they would rather sleep with us than themselves. This makes intimacy with our partner…well….impossible. I’m guessing this is where the TV show, Sex sent me to the ER came from.  Adults get crafty in times like these….

Understand before they even go to bed, they have to have things placed a certain way. They may request a certain blanket or toy, the door has to be a propped three-quarters open, the pillow to the right, fan on and all the lights on….you do the hokey pokey. You get my drift. The reason is because if they sense a spirit in the room and can’t see them, then if something gets moved, they have ‘proof’.

Most kids like to have lights on because they want to see what comes out of the closet. They may also request background noise as not to hear the whispers of spirit. Yes, the really can see and hear (especially kids under age 5). It’s called clairvoyance and clairaudient. Know that just because it’s grey, dark and gritty doesn’t mean it’s automatically evil or demonic. It could be grandpa checking in. It takes a lot of energy to manifest and sometimes they can pull it from the air. Hence, that is why there is a dark spot or cold spot in the room.

Many intuitive kids will tell you they see dragons, monsters or shapes in their room. Know they are only children and how else are you going to explain what you’ve seen when you have no idea about ghosts or spirits? They can only describe with what little they know. So listen to what they have to say.

No fear, there are some things you can do to help your kiddo manage these abilities. First, I recommend you sage/smudge the house monthly. Saging is a Native American tradition on how to bless or cleanse a home. Your kid is like a beacon in the middle of the night. Any Tom, Dick or Harry who hasn’t (or sometimes who have) crossed over into the light will love to talk to your kid hoping to relay a message to a loved one or get help crossing them over. Saging will keep their beacon bright but provides a bit of a smokescreen, so they can’t be found.

Second, don’t have your kiddos bed in a corner. Allow them to tell you where they would like it to be. Why do you think young children always stare in corners? It’s because they hold energy and spirit can manifest easier there. Be sure when you sage the home, you hit all corners of your house along with going around windows and mirrors. That will help with their sanity and yours.

Thirdly, dream catchers really do work. If your kid is having issues with nightmares, then dream catchers are the way to go. It doesn’t matter what kind. When you hang it in the room (I recommend you hang it from the light, in the center) ask God and Spirit to do what it’s intended to do. Provide peaceful dreams and a good night’s rest…for the both of you.

Lastly, don’t put fear into all of this stuff. Give your children power by telling them the next time they see or sense something they don’t like, they need to speak up. Explain to them, to tell the spirit to go away because they are scared and ask for Angels to come and protect. Even if you are not religious, kids know Angels exist and they can feel their energy with they come into the room.

They have large eyes

It may seem like they see everything with these big eyes. Well, they do. When really psychic kids look at me with those eyes, they already have me read and scanned. They don’t do it to be mean, they do it because of curiosity. Once they read me, they smile or even want to come touch me.  They are incredibly loving, patient and kind. These are the kiddos that come up to a stranger and will stare and smile and even offer a hug, simply because the other person needs it. They even have magnetic personalities to match those big eyes of theirs.

They are highly sensitive

Many intuitive kiddos have issues with bright sunlight, loud noise, crowds, temperature fluctuation, clutter/disorganization, chaotic environments and artificial ingredients/chemicals in food and water. Since you are the parent, this is where it becomes frustrating quick. Many of us parents don’t have issues with most of these things and it makes it tough for us to relate, so let me explain.

The sunlight thing goes along with the big eye statement above. Those big eyes are a bit different than most kids. They are just more sensitive than other kiddos. Buy the cheap sunglasses as they’ll lose or break them just as quick as you buy them. They really do need them in order to see in a car. Also, tinted windows and shades do help their sensitive eyeballs.

Always keep an extra sweatshirt, t-shirt, and shorts on hand. Intuitive kids cannot seem to handle the temperature fluctuation. When they go into the store on a summer day, they can’t seem to get regulated very well in the air-conditioning. It’s as if they freeze to death and can’t seem to get warm by the time they leave. This is where the sweatshirt comes into play. The minute they head back outside in the summer heat and warm up after a bit, it comes off. Yes, it’s hokey-pokey all over again, with clothes.

When intuitive kids go to Wal-Mart (of all places) it’s very difficult for them not to feel everyone else’s energy around them. You’ll notice they go crazy, start crying the next moment, then skipping and wandering off in a matter of seconds. They really can feel other’s emotions, but they take them on as if they are their own. Not only that, they feel very naked, as if all eyes are on them. It’s uncomfortable and scary sometimes too. You’ll notice when you get back into the safe zone of the car, they are exhausted. That is sort of the detox. Stick to the list mom and get in and out. If you’d rather go shopping with some more time, you cannot take those types of kids with you….unless you like the challenge.

Intuitive kids cannot handle disorganization well. If you want a happy, balanced kid then you must have a clean, organized home. They thrive off of routine, clean spaces and rules. Yes, they are that simple. But if something is off on the routine (including not getting 8 hours of sleep) and they don’t know where they are to place their backpack, then expect a major meltdown….flying shoes and all! Everything must have a place with intuitive kids because they cannot remember where they put things at.

Lastly, you’ll notice intuitive kids would rather eat more veggies than most….without complaint! They have very sensitive tummies to lactose, preservatives and even some meats like pork. Be very careful with what you feed them, as a few minutes after they eat these things they’ll have a tummy ache or have to hit the bathroom quickly.  What’s amazing is they can still inhale a Twinkie in a matter of minutes, the second you turn your back. They’re better than a bloodhound for sniffing out anything sugar, ugh.

Also, watch medical medicine with sensitive kids. They are allergic to all kinds of meds, so if you go to the doc and they prescribe something…watch them like a hawk. They could develop a rash in a matter of seconds or have breathing difficulties.  I’ve found that they respond better to alternative therapies, instead of medical medicine. Chiropractic, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and Reiki really will have a more positive effect, sometimes better than medicine.

They have few friends/anti-social

Adults often view an intuitive kid as anti-social. They aren’t anti-social they can just feel other’s emotional states. If that person in math class is unstable, then they will have nothing to do with that other person. They usually will have one or two friends. Guess what? I’m willing to bet that friend will be just as sensitive as your kiddo.

As they get into junior high (puberty) it gets a bit tougher as social stigma comes into play. Many intuitive kiddos will go within because they feel very misunderstood. I’d recommend counseling if needed, as if left unaddressed it can cause other emotional problems later down the road. Forcing them to communicate feelings is tough, but that’s what’s needed to help with this phase of life. Hugs from a parent at any age with an intuitive kid is necessary, not just needed.  Just think, you felt uncomfortable in junior high…they have it worse!

Very creative (music, art, theatre, writing, etc.)

Intuitive kids are naturally more creative. Don’t get me wrong, all kids are creative, but intuitive ones keep it into adulthood. They love anything right-brained. These are the kinds of kids that ask for the guitar for Christmas or the art class or a birthday party. Let them! They really don’t care what others may think about what they do with their free time, but will get lost for hours doing creativity. It’s a balancing mechanism for them, almost meditating. This is a great replacement for electronics and allows you some free time (whaaa?).

Gender confusion

As the more intuitive kids grow up, they have the tendency to not really know if they are straight, bi-sexual or gay. They don’t know because they just love to love. It does not matter what side of the fence they lie, you just love them anyway. Through some experimentation (yes I really said that), they’ll figure it all out.  They just need your full-blown support when they don’t know what or whom to love. Yes, this is when the glass of wine or two for you is appropriate mom.

I hope this information helps you to understand your intuitive kiddo just a little bit better than before you read it. All kids are different, but it’s these intuitive ones that are here to teach us simple things, such as love. They are here to change the world with big hopes, ambitions, and dreams. Stand behind them, as they will do it from a place of love, not war. Teach them to follow their intuition and watch them soar. Remember they chose you as a parent…and that takes a special person to have a special kid like that!