LIVE Crystal Showcase on Instagram with Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller & Awakenings!

January 11, 2022

7:00pm-8:00pm CST
on Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller’s Instagram Page (@psychickelli)

Kelli will be showing some of the unique pieces Awakenings has to offer! There will be one of a kind crystal formations, rare jewelry, hard to find crystals, affordable gemstones, HUGE specimen pieces and so much more all offered with FREE SHIPPING included!

Shopping on Instagram is easy! During the live sale on Instagram, I’ll show you one individual piece at a time which will have a number and price on it. First person to comment, ‘SOLD, the item number and price’, you’ve won that item! You may need to include an emoji or something similar since Instagram sometimes blocks similar words and claims cannot be seen because of it.

After your claim, you’ll then message me on Instagram your email address, so I can send an invoice via PayPal (you don’t have to have a PayPal account to submit a payment).If you comment “sold” on any item, you are committing to purchasing that item and payment is due within 24 hours. We will be taking backup names for each item, so if you fail to pay, the item will be offered to the backup person.

All purchases come with an informational card and you can choose to ship or pick up in store. Loyalty points from Awakenings cannot be redeemed due to the different payment platforms. Find Kelli on Instagram @psychickelli. Looking forward to showing you some unique crystals on Tuesday, January 11th @ 7:00 pm!